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About the book

Biohacker’s Handbook weaves together novel perspectives on technology, nature and self-development.

A biohacker sees his or her body as a complex system that can be probed, analyzed, understood, and put under the test.

Such controlled experimentation (i.e. biohacking) can be used to pursue self-development and deeper self-understanding.



Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your performance, health and wellbeing with the help of technological and biological tools.

Biohacker’s Handbook dives deep into sleep, nutrition, exercise work and the function of the mind to take the fundamental aspects of life to a whole new level in terms of both understanding and application.



Biohacker's Handbook is written by technology expert Teemu Arina, medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi and nutritional expert Jaakko Halmetoja.

"The meaning of life is to recognize oneself and never stop learning how to become better."


Praise for the book



"This book is different. Fresh. Real."

Ben Greenfield, Author of Beyond Training, BenGreenfieldFitness.com




"A very interesting reading."

Jay Cross, Coined the term "e-learning", Author of Informal Learning




"This is the best written, most visually appealing, informative, researched, and easy to follow piece in this area I have ever read."

Ari Meisel, Author of Less Doing, More Living


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