The word “immunity” originates from the Latin word immunis meaning exempt. Generally speaking immunity consists of all of the body defence systems that resist infections and toxins and helps you to become exempt of disease. The immune system therefore has a crucial role in fending off intruders.

Improving one’s immunity primarily involves balancing the immune system. Many health products are marketed with claims of immunity-boosting properties. However, it is crucial to understand that many allergies, autoimmune diseases and other inflammations are in fact symptoms of an overactive immune system. What works and what doesn’t? How real immunity is achieved?

The book delves deep deep into:

  • Immune system and how it functions
  • Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens
  • Innate immunity you are born with
  • Adaptive immunity that can be trained against pathogens
  • Individual differences and environmental factors
  • Measuring the condition of the immune system
  • Recipes for lowering inflammation and balancing the immune system

Preview of Invincible Immunity

Invincible Immunity is a special chapter released in the popular Biohacker’s Handbook series and is only available as an online publication (PDF). In addition to the e-book, the bundle includes the Invincible Immunity Webinar (and its recording) where the authors will answer questions from the readers (ETA September 2016). This unique package of well researched information on balancing the immune system is not available anywhere else.

Cut wings from the myths around immunity and get the facts right to be prepared for the next time when epidemics go rampant.

  • Authors: Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi, Technology Specialist Teemu Arina and Nutrition Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja
  • Design: Lotta Viitaniemi
  • Pages: 36
  • References: 76
  • Availability: PDF (compatible with most electronic readers including but not limited to Mac, PC, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone etc.)
  • Invincible Immunity Webinar: Watch online or stream the recording in HD with all desktop and mobile devices

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