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Enjoying one’s daily work is of critical importance in terms of wellbeing. Many people work under constant pressure to produce results, causing more harm than good. Burnouts are particularly common in workplaces where the employees’ happiness levels are poor and stress levels excessive.

Biohacker's Handbook chapter on work has news for you: You can kick ass, enjoy your work and not wreck your health in the process – All at the same time. It only requires a fundamental shift in the way you look at how you get things done.

Aspects of physical exercise
Aspects of physical exercise
Aspects of physical exercise
Ari Meisel

"The research provided in The Biohacker’s Handbook will quite simply change your life. We spend far too much time focusing on which apps to use or which services to hire and end up ignoring the space between our ears. If you can’t remember things, you can't collaborate. If you don’t rest enough, you become easily irritated. If you can’t articulate your needs in clear terms, you can’t delegate. If you get emotionally involved in every decision you make, you’re a liability. Finally, if you don’t have the energy to push forward and lead a team, you fall behind
and become an anchor, holding everyone back."

Ari Meisel -Productivity Expert, Serial Entrepreneur and Author of the book Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier



  • How to find meaning at work?
  • What are the key physiological systems to understand to perform optimally at work?
  • How to regulate your blood sugar levels to stay alert and at your peak performance?
  • How to avoid blood sugar swings when you are stressed and sleep deprived?
  • How to do intermittent fasting correctly?
  • How to reach and stay in ketosis throughout the working day?
  • How to regulate your blood pressure?
  • How to improve working memory and long-term memory?
  • What to implement for better ergonomics at work?
  • How to avoid and correct posture and biomechanics?
  • How to use a standing desk properly?
  • How to improve indoor air?
  • How to structure your workmanage your tasks and take breaks?
  • How to make better decisions, improve concentration and reach the flow state?
  • How to hack travel, survive airports & hotel rooms and beat jet lag?
  • How to track and monitor all the aspects of your work day to be able to optimize what matters for improved productivity and health?

... and much more in the 110 pages based on 378 references, hundreds of illustrations from a team of 3 specialists.

Aspects of physical exercise
Aspects of physical exercise



Biohacker’s Handbook dives deep into outstanding nutrition, fundamental methods to build a well functioning physique and strategies for optimal recovery – All in order to take the fundamental aspects of life to a whole new level in terms of both understanding and application.

Instead of cookie cutter advice, Biohacker's Handbook delivers well researched information in a well designed format. Find out what is the 20 % to reach 80 % of results when it comes to exercise and fitness. Save time in getting to the results you seek.

Why did we write the Biohacker's Handbook? Because there is nothing out there that would meet the quality standards we are looking for. Therefore we offer a 30-day 100 % money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you get your money back.

About the Biohacker's Handbook:

  • Authors: Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi, Technology Specialist Teemu Arina and Nutrition Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja
  • Design: Lotta Viitaniemi
  • Availability: PDF (compatible with most electronic readers including but not limited to Mac, PC, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone etc.)

If you are not satisfied with your purchase: 30-day money back guarantee.