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You are invited to a private online screening of this year's Biohacker Summit UK. This is clearly one of the top events I've been to when it comes to optimizing your body and mind with biology and technology.

Learn from me and other biohackers including Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse, Triathlete and Medical Doctor Tamsin Lewis, Memory Champion Mattias Ribbing, Olympic Athlete Andrew Steele, the Biohacker's Handbook authors and many others on how to take your body and mind to the next level.

On top of the video recordings of these 15 amazing talks, you get the freakin' awesome Biohacker's Handbook chapter on sleep . This well researched and illustrated book holds a prioritized spot on my list of go-to resources for optimizing the human machinery.

And that's not all: You also get a private Q&A (live or recorded) with yours truly and Biohacker's Handbook authors to fill in any questions you may have.

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  • Ben Greenfield (USA): 10 of My Most Important Daily Biohacks You Need To Be Doing
  • Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja & Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (FIN): Biohacker’s Handbook Authors Present: Biohacking Nutrition
  • Andrew Steele (UK): DNA Testing for Fitness and Nutrition
  • Maximilian Gotzler (GER): How to Hack the Flow State
  • Dr. Tommy Wood (UK/NOR): Modelling and Quantifying Metabolism to Optimise Health and Performance
  • Mattias Ribbing (SWE): Mastering Memory and Maximizing Mental Endurance
  • Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN), Simon Wegerif (UK) & Jasmina Aganovic (USA): Panel on Biohacking Your Body
  • Ruben Salinas (USA): Light, Water & Magnetism: How To Biohack The Fundamentals That Really Matter
  • Dr. Jack Kruse (USA): Biohacking Nature
  • Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN): Biohacking Sitting
  • Q&A workshops by CuroSeven (Dr. Tamsin Lewin on biomarkers), DNAFit (Andrew Steele on DNA), SuperCharged (panel with the stars from the movie), Damien Blenkinsopp (quantifying self experiments) and Flowgrade (Maximilian Gotzler on flow state).
  • Bonus: Ben Greenfield interviewing master forager Miles Irving

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– Biohacker Summit Attendee

"Must go-to event for anyone interested in levelling up in life - overall health, fitness or improving mental function."

– Biohacker Summit Attendee


Instead of cookie-cutter advice, Biohacker’s Handbook delivers deeply researched information in a well designed, visually rich format. Find out what is the 20 % to reach 80 % of results. Included in the bundle:

  • Sleep chapter: 50+ pages

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90 minute biohacking group Q&A recording) with Europe's best kept secret Biohacker's Handbook authors (technology specialist & curator of Biohacker Summit Teemu Arina and Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi) together with America's top personal trainer Ben Greenfield.

You get to ask everything you ever wanted to know about biohacking your sleep, nutrition, exercise, mind and work.


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